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Steven W. Mosher and Population Control

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:26 pm    Post subject: Steven W. Mosher and Population Control Reply with quote

Is it really fair to blame a single individual on a single U.S. policy decision that, according to John Hopkins researchers, has resulted in 1.9 million infant deaths, 135,000 maternal deaths, 60 million unintended pregnancies, and 25 million abortions. Maybe not fair, but we’re going to. Of course, it was president George W. Bush who ultimately made the decision, but we need to look at the person who persuaded Bush to make this policy decision, which could charitably called completely insane.

The decision was denying Congressionally authorized funds to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, or UNFPA. This unilateral Bush decision makes absolutely no sense, unless you believe that the world has too few people and that birth control is unnecessary, and it is better to let a woman die than give her an abortion. Bingo. That is exactly what Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute believes. And he is the man that Bush has listened to on this subject.

Mosher argues that overpopulation is a myth, and that the efforts of population controllers to reduce human numbers have led to massive human rights abuses and undermined the health of women and children. He believes that U.N. family planning programs are part of a New World Order conspiracy. He makes the unbelievable claim that the entire world’s population could fit comfortably in the state of Texas. I fail to see how anyone could be comfortable in Texas, let alone with everyone there.

Under Mosher’s leadership, one of PRI’s main objectives has been to undermine UNFPA, something they have succeeded in spectacularly. It was PRI’s so-called 2002 investigation of UNFPA that convinced Bush to cut off funding. Bush continues to cut-off funding, despite the fact that a subsequent investigation, a real one this time, by the U.S. State Department repudiated PRI’s claims. In fact, the claims that UNFPA were helping the Chinese forced sterilization programs turned out to be just the opposite, as they were actually successfully encouraging China to move to voluntary policies and a choice of family planning methods.

PRI’s research is contrary to research done by more legitimate organizations. PRI’s so-called experts hold no academic or research credentials. Mosher lacks a doctorate in China studies, population studies, or any field of research, yet he is repeatedly cited as an anthropologist and sociologist, something you normally have to have a degree for. In fact, he was kicked out of Stanford University’s anthropology program for illegal and seriously unethical conduct.

PRI was founded by Benedictine Priest Paul Marx, a racist and anti-family planning extremist. Under Mosher, PRI continue to be anti-abortion, anti-sterilization, anti-birth control, anti-family planning, anti-sex education and anti-common sense. PRI claims that the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s population control is frequently used to "subdue" Catholic populations, and that the abortion industry targets Catholic women. Here are some gems from their weekly bulletins, the first on sex education: “Disputes over the content of sex indoctrination curricula are moot. The only way to prevent illegitimate pregnancy and STDs is through chastity and monogamy…Only virtuous behavior, not modern technology, can prevent these ills.” And this one on contraception: “As our founder, Fr. Paul Marx, is fond of saying, ‘Contraception always leads to abortion…In every single country where contraceptives became widely available, abortions increased…The contraceptive mentality, the dedication to no or few children combined with free and easy sexual relations, leads to abortion.” And this one on Plan B, the over the counter emergency contraceptive: “The fact that (the FDA) is even considering (OTC approval for ‘Plan B’ emergency contraception) is another example of the power of the feminist dogma, a power that trumps threats to young women’s health from this potentially dangerous and certainly unproven method of birth control and abortion.””

Mosher gives talks concerning impoverished third world countries such as “Promoting and protecting the large family” and “Welcoming babies and larger families.” He is the author of the PRI Weekly Briefing titled "How Not to Win the War on Terror: Keep Exporting Abortion and Sex Education." He claims that the American Left is "in part responsible for the rise of Islamic terrorism against the West" through its "relentless promotion of abortion, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, divorce and other ‘rights' at home and abroad." And just try and wrap your head around this Mosher quote: ““The massive distribution of condoms in Africa has not only not stopped the spread of AIDS, it has put millions of more at risk of infection in the name of prevention.” Or ths one: “The sad truth is, USAID's family planning programs in Africa have caused AIDS. The integration of AIDS relief and family planning is a recipe for further disaster.”

He holds extreme anti-China views, and calls those who do not share his views Panda Huggers. His main claim to fame is his expertise on China and skill in the local languages, but his main focus is criticizing their family planning agenda. He is a converted Catholic and hero in some Catholic circles for his dogged support of the unsupportable church positions on birth control that have led to uncountable misery throughout the world
Mosher argues that under Robert McNamara, the World Bank and other international financial lending agencies served as "loan sharks" for those groups and individuals who were pressuring developing countries to adopt fertility reduction programs for self-interest reasons.

You’d think that no one would listen to this nutball. Except, one very important person does. The President of the United States. Which explains why the Bush administration has built alliances with anti-family planning conservative Islamic states, and the U.S. restrictions on USAID funding, and the millions that Bush has blocked from International family planning groups. It is little wonder then that when Bush put Wolfowitz in charge of the World Bank, it abruptly started moving away from including birth control and population planning in its considerations, despite the fact that the receiving countries were asking for help in these areas. Mosher is a strong supporter of the man Wolfowitz put in charge of this effort to restrict family planning in the World Bank.

Yeah, I think we can safely put the blame on Stephen Mosher.
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