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Herbal Viagra

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:26 am    Post subject: Herbal Viagra Reply with quote

Viagra really is a miracle drug. It works, and works well for most people. Herbal Viagra is a very different animal. Sold as a nutritional supplement, it is not regulated by the FDA. It does not have to have any active ingredients, and often doesn't. Even if they list ingredients that some research shows may have some effect on libido, the odds are that the amount actually in the pill is so small as to have no effect at all (even assuming that we knew what an effective dose would be, which we don't). The pills are never tested to assure that they have what they say they have. Congress passed a law in 1994 giving supplements virtually no oversight at the behest of Senator Orrin Hatch, whose son worked in the supplement industry.

That is why Enzyte can advertise on television with their creepy 1950's Smiling Bob, even though their product has no pharmacologically effective ingredients. The Hatch sponsored Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 allows supplement manufacturers to make unsubstantiated claims that their products affect the structure or function of the body.

Enzyte's nebulous and non-specific claims of male enhancement are perfectly legal, even though the product is a complete fraud. In March of 2005, the company was raided by federal authorities, but not for selling a fraudulent product. The company was charging people's credit cards $70 for a resupply they did not order after sending them out the requested free sample. That case is still pending.

In 1994, Enzyte was also specifically claiming to add inches to your penis, a claim they dropped after a class action lawsuit, which also charged that their money back guarantee was fraudulent. Since 1991, the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati and the Ohio Attorney General together have logged nearly 4,000 complaints against Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, the maker of Enzyte.

There was an herbal supplement on the market that actually did work. It was pulled from the market by the FDA when it was discovered that they were using the same active ingredient that Viagra uses- sildenafil citrate- a controlled and patented drug.

Before the herbal supplement companies came in, the adult novelty industry had many products to promote erections. The actual instructions that come with an Instant Erection Cream tell you to rub for 25 strokes and it takes 30 minutes. Now maybe their definition of instant is different from mine, but that sounds like an erection delaying cream to me.
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