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About Jeff Booth


Science has always been of interest to me. My father wrote textbooks on digital electronics at the dawn of the personal computer era, and I was exposed to science and technology from very early on. I got to twiddle the toggle switches on a Sol, and did my first programming as a teenager on the brand new Commodore PET.

Psychology, optics, physics, and chemistry were all important subjects for study during my early career as a professional magician and illusion designer. This is also how I got exposed to Skeptic groups, and got to meet many well-know people in the skeptic world, including James Randi, Jerry Andrus, and Ray Hyman. I even got a tour of Jerry's legendary home, which was an experience long remembered. I performed under the name Geoffrey Williams, and was a Magic Castle award winner.

I founded Erotic University, a school that teaches adult sex education through our proprietary technology that creates a virtual campus and classes accessible through the Internet.

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