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Erotic University spent over two years building a virtual digital campus, using state of the art technology and 3D software to create a huge interactive campus. Unlike their former physical campus, it is open 24 hours a day and available anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection. The virtual campus has 25 departments, including a library, health center, and student union.

Using proprietary technology, they developed downloadable classes with video, a tabbed virtual notebook, interactive modules, and a final for class credit.

Their technology makes it easy for anyone with a computer and a video camera to create sophistcated copy-protected downloadable classes.

The classes go beyond what DVDs can do. They incorporate text, video, and sophisticated interactivity designed for kinesthetic learning. EU will draw from a wide range of educators, including PhDs, porn stars, and alternative lifestyle experts.  Erotic University acts essentially as a publisher, marketing and selling the classes online with a royalty paid to the instructors.